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Training to ride in the mountains, part 3: strength and conditioning

Us cyclists are notorious for shunning off-bike training; we just want to ride! But strength and conditioning training - gym work and stretching, in other words - is enormously effective. In as little as one hour per week, split over several sessions, you can make a big difference to your cycling, and nowhere will it be more felt than in the mountains.

Big climbs place particular demands on cyclists. You will often be climbing with a lower cadence, so muscular strength in the legs and glutes is key. The climbs are long, too, so core stability becomes very important in keeping your pedalling smooth and your back free of aches.

Last year I wrote a diary for Cyclist magazine about my journey back to fitness, covering all aspects of my training and weight loss, and drawing on the expertise of the top team at trainSharp Coaching. This third instalment covers the strength training program I used, and still use.

If you have any questions about training for your trip to ride in the mountains or a visit to us here in the Pyrenees, please feel free to contact us.

Cyclist magazine training diary part 3

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