You're just a few steps from your dream trip to the Pyrenees

1. Get in touch

Contact us to discuss your dream trip. We will answer any questions, work out the details and any special requirements with you, and then when you're ready to book we send you an invoice.

2. Pay deposit

We ask for a 20% deposit
in order to make your reservation. You can pay
this in Euros by card, bank
transfer or PayPal. We send you a receipt to confirm
your booking.

3. Pay balance

The balance of your holiday cost will be due by one month before arrival (we send you a friendly reminder a few weeks ahead of time). We send a receipt for this, too.

4. Info pack

Ahead of your stay, we send you an info pack with loads of advice on how to prepare yourself and your bike. We also gather important info from you, such as dietary requirements, riding experience, favourite beer…


We try to be generous and make things easy.


Should you need to postpone your trip owing to outside factors, such as travel restrictions, you can do so freely. There are no fees and no limits. Your deposit is transferable however you like. As you can imagine, we have done this for many guests owing to the pandemic.
If you need to postpone after the balance has been paid, the full amount will be credited forwards. 

If you choose to postpone your trip yourself, unforced by any outside circumstances, you can do so freely until the last month. Within the last month, only 50% may be carried forwards because we're unlikely to be able to fill that room. 


Should you need to actually cancel your trip, the deposit is not refundable. If you need to cancel in the last month after the balance has been paid, that too is non-refundable. We do it this way around rather than asking for the balance to be paid much earlier and then creating a complicated sliding scale of refunds. You should ensure that you have travel insurance that covers a forced cancellation. We think this is clear and fair for everyone, and you can always simply postpone your trip.

Of course, if for any reason WE have to cancel your trip, the full amount will be refunded.

If you have any questions, please contact us.