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Training for a cycling trip to the Pyrenees, part 2: weight loss

Everyone knows that lighter riders go uphill better, and many of us would like to lose a bit of weight to better enjoy riding in the mountains. I began last year really out of shape, having devoted four months to renovating our guest house but wanted to get fit again by the summer. Supported by my friends at trainSharp Coaching, I wrote a training diary about the process for Cyclist magazine and you can follow the whole thing here.

This instalment is about how to lose weight in a smart way that ensures it stays off and you still have the energy to train effectively. Get this right, and your cycling holiday will be even more fun. Whether your goal is the Col du Tourmalet or Col du Soulor or Luz Ardiden

If you would like to ask me questions about the diary, or enquire about a trip to ride with us in the Pyrenees, please contact us.

Cyclist magazine training diary, pt2

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